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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Believe or not, I get asked that question almost everyday. Finding the proper skincare products are not as easy as you may think. First you must identify what type of skin you have. Oily, Dry, Combination or Sensitive . Go with your gut feeling, you know your skin the best. Using basic over the counter face wash my not be enough. You need something that is oil-free, as well as hydrating and hydrating without clogging your pores. Your skin deserves quality products. I have 3 daughters and all 3 have different skin types. I am 55 years old, grandmother of 2, skin type oily. I am prone to have hormonal acne, and now I am suffering from Mask Acne. That is why I am passionate about skin care.

The right products will cleanse the skin without stripping essential oil and maintain your skins ph balance. SweetPea and Bumblebee beauty believe in natural botanicals vitamin enriched products that helps all skin types all ages!

- For Oily skin the best products for you are the ones that contain Glycolic acid. This product will exfoliate the dead skin cells left on your skin. Try Glycolic Perfect skin set. This Glycolic skin treatment removes the outer layer of dead skin without drying the skin. It stimulates the production of new skin cell while retaining skins ph balance. This will help prevent acne breakouts. The results will be brighter and healthier skin resulting in a more youthful appearance.

- Dry/Sensitive skin love milky and creamy products. Both of these things help hydrate the skin. Try SweetPea & bumblebee Beauty Gentle Creme cleanser enriched with dry milk and sodium hyluronate. Your skin will fall in love! It gently cleans the skin and maintains its ph balance. Your skin will look and feel like silk.

- Combination skin try our Mint cleanser. Skin loves peppermint. Refreshing Mint cleanser will leaves the skin feeling toned and refreshed ready for the day and completely detox at bedtime.

Don’t forget to check out our December sale! 25% off all skincare products!

Happy Shopping & Lots of Love!

Renee Murfitt, Owner of SweetPea & Bumblebee Beauty

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