I have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years as a licensed stylist specializing in hair, skin, make-up artistry and personal wardrobe. Beauty has always been my passion. I have helped hundreds of women and men look and feel their best!

As a mother of three beautiful daughters I have watched them struggle first hand finding a skincare regime that works for their active lifestyles. Our family spent endless hours and thousands of dollars trying to find products that help all different types of skin including dry, oily, combination, and acne prone skin. My daughters inspired me to pursue my own skincare line that can help other women and men struggling with their skin care journey.

Sweetpea & BumbleBee believes in cruelty-free products, filled with natural botanical vitamin enriched ingredients. Our products are for all ages and skin-types. 


My Mission

I developed Sweetpea & BumbleBee Beauty because I believe that the 1st step in creating a beautiful canvas is proper skin care.   

My reward comes from helping everyday people look and feel their best. I sincerely believe that Sweetpea & Bumblebee Beauty  is much more than a skin product it’s about relationships and trust.


"Proper skin care is the first step in creating a beautiful canvas."


-Renee Murfitt